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Tingkat Trial Package Combo

Now available: 5-day healthy meal + 5-day Tingkat trial package combo at $158+, you can now try two of our delivery main sellers at a shorter duration and select when you want your food to be delivered! Order your daily Tingkat meal with us at 6255 1000.


On that note, ever wondered how lunch boxes came about? This concept has been around since the early 1800s, giving it an extremely rich history! American industrial workers used to carry their meals to work in sturdy containers like tinplate boxes and recycled biscuit tins, and later on, used fitted metal pails and boxes. Some also used woven baskets with handles or wooden boxes.


But in 1954, after accidentally crushing his flimsy tin lunch box, a miner by the name of Leo May decided to make it out of more solid material, aluminium. Through much trial and error, manufacturers have come up with ideal designs, and evolve into the Tingkat we know of today.


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Handmade Nourishing Meals

Great Quality and Care by Our Trained Team of Chefs

Stringent Hygiene Standards

Freshest Ingredients Consistency in Taste and Quality

Let us do the cooking, enjoy the moment with  Friends & Family

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