Delicious, Home-Cooked Meals Delivered at Your Door

Not all families have the time and luxury of being able to whip up a healthy and yummy lunch and dinner every day. Working parents who arrive home after a long day may not have the energy to make a home-cooked meal for the family. In fact, after getting through all their other chores, like laundry or helping the kids with homework, they may not have the time to cook anything.


The good news is that families can take advantage of a Tingkat service to get delectable lunches and dinners delivered right to their doorstep.


If you’re looking for a reliable Tingkat delivery company in Singapore, look no further. Kim Paradise will deliver a healthy Tingkat that fills the belly and warms the heart as often as you want.

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Benefits of Tingkat Delivery

One of the best things about Tingkat lunch and dinner delivery is that it offers nutritious and sumptuous meals for families. Tingkat meals tend to be healthier than eating out at a restaurant or fast food. Many Tingkat caterers, in fact, prepare meals with less oil and salt as one would find in a restaurant.
Holding true to our belief that “Good food comes from a Good heart with Great passion", we placed great emphasis on our food quality and taste. All our dishes are prepared in our state-of-the-art kitchen using only the freshest ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers.
Tingkat delivery is also convenient, especially for busy working parents. Instead of ordering takeout food every day, which may not be healthy nor satisfying, families can sign up for a Tingkat meal delivery and expect a fuss-free meal at the end of every workday. 
Stringent quality checks are conducted daily during the food preparation process to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.  We also conduct taste tests on every dish to ensure consistency in taste and quality prior to delivery.
With over a decade of experience in Tingkat delivery, Kim Paradise promises to deliver scrumptious and nutritious dishes that will remind you of home-cooked food at every meal time.  
You will be glad to know also that all our dishes are prepared in a healthier way, using less oil and salt. And in case you are worried that you will be bored with the same few dishes, fret not as we have more than 200 dishes to rotate around.
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Want to enjoy hearty, home-cooked meals delivered to your home? Don’t hesitate to order a Tingkat meal from us.

Fill out our order form today and start eating tasty and healthy lunches and dinners from us.