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Food lunch is essential for an employee. Intend to order our food; we provide you with value food with home meal concept. We care about you like our team family. You may request a "Teamkat" with us, and lunch can be delivered to your office tower's reception.

With over a decade of experience in Tingkat delivery, Kim Paradise promises to deliver scrumptious and nutritious dishes that will remind you of home-cooked food at every mealtime. Kim Paradise is dedicated to creation - tireless innovation to proffer new menu items in its Healthful meal sets, Confinement packages, Economical Bento meals & Buffets.

Holding true to our belief that "Good food comes from a Good heart with Great passion", we placed great emphasis on our food quality and taste. All our dishes are prepared in our state-of-the-art kitchen using only the freshest ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. Stringent quality checks are conducted daily during the food preparation process to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. We also do taste tests on every dish to ensure consistency in taste and quality before delivery. You will be glad to know even that all our meals are prepared more healthily, using less oil and salt. And in case you are worried that you will be bored with the same few dishes, fret not as we have more than 200 recipes to rotate around.

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There is a big difference between the lunch of the past and what most of us eat at work today. In The American Woman's Cook Book, published back in 1938, a chapter devoted to "The Lunch Box" says: "As much care is needed in selecting and preparing the food for the lunch box as for the other meals served to the family. If the lunch is inadequate or lacking in food essentials throughout the year, the individual's whole nutrition will be seriously affected, and his work will suffer." It is a piece of advice that wizened old-time cooks, mothers and grandmothers have followed across geographies.


While senior management still eats its multi-course lunches, most young or middle-management executives are relying more on the office canteen. A majority of large offices and corporate parks today are designed with in-house cafeterias. But they are rarely able to offer the comfort of home cooking or the excitement of a restaurant meal. We're a rushed, distracted, and too-busy society. During peak periods, all buses will be scheduled to arrive every 15 minutes or less, with at least half of those scheduled to arrive every 10 minutes or less. How many of us have been so lazy to head out to grab food in-stores that you give in to other food delivery with a press of a button? That press of a button costs you 38% more, instantly. First of all, we must realise that the lunch hour is rarely just an hour since its after-effects can last the entire day. Most people in Singapore eat fast. We rarely take the time to savour our food or sometimes even to chew it properly. We rush our food no matter who we are, even if you're a nutrition coach with a Master's degree in nutrition and many additional nutrition certifications.


Con versely, if you rush your meals, your digestion suffers. Meals are stressful. And it might seem like each meal is over too soon, which often makes you want to eat more. Or you "overshoot the runway", finishing the meal before your natural satiety signals kick in, and ending up suddenly — uncomfortably — overstuffed.

  • Delivery Timing: Lunch Delivery – 0930hrs to 1330hrs (Specific delivery time will not be available)

  • Delivers to a selected area in the West. For other delivery locations, kindly call in to enquire before ordering.

  • Food is served in individual microwavable containers, with biodegradable cutlery provided.

  • Pictures are for illustration purposes only and may not represent actual items.

  • All prices quoted are subjected to GST, and price changes due to price fluctuation at source

  • Valid for orders placed 3 working days advanced notice for order placement and confirmation upon payment for each order

  • Meal delivery service is available on weekdays only, we do not deliver on weekend, Public Holidays, 1 day before Lunar New Year Eve. 

  • Photos are for illustration purposes only may vary from actual product

  • Postponement is limited to 3 Days only and the Contract date will be extended. There will be NO replacement if postponement is beyond 3 day

  • The meal will be replaced if the customer called in to inform 1working day in advanced before 11 am

  • No cash will be refunded for early cancellation, termination of the contract when service has commenced or after payment for the contract is made. 

  • Additional surcharge for Plain Rice:  $15+ ($16.05 w GST) for 20 days single meal & Brown Rice: $20+ ($21.40 w GST) for 20 days single meal (70% Brown Rice 30% Plain Rice) 

  • In the event of a dispute, Kim Paradise Pte Ltd holds the final decision