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Why You Should Consider Tingkat Delivery For Dinner

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

It’s 7 pm, the sun has long since gone somewhere beyond the horizon. You find yourself buried under piles of paperwork at your tiny table at work. Finally, you are done with your work. You shut the computer down and rush out of office. It is mayhem. You need to get home. Your family is waiting for their dinner. You need to cook, or at least, get some takeaway food. Imagine, just how nice would it be to enjoy some home-cooked food without having to do much. What about some Tingkat delivery for a perfect Singapore dinner?

Dinner is probably the only meal that you can enjoy in the comfort of home. Breakfast? Important for us, but the likelihood is that you are rushing out of the house. Lunch? At school or work. So, dinner is the only meal that we can eat at home with the family. Imagine savouring the taste of home every day during dinner. That’s exactly what Tingkat deliveries are for. With that said, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider Tingkat deliveries for dinner.

Mom and Dad duties:

Parents are always having to worry about what to have for dinner. If you are a working parent, the worry is doubled. Wanting to cook is a nice idea but cooking also means that you have to rush home the moment your work ends. But that is not actually where the work ends. Once home, you are rolling up your sleeves and putting on your chef’s hat. Having to rush the cooking process might not only affect the quality of the taste, but you might not even be able to finish cooking on time, resulting in your children making a fuss due to a late dinner. With Tingkat deliveries, those worries are gone. No need to worry about rushing home to cook no more, a different dinner every day, five days a week.

A welcoming taste to return to:

It has been a long day at university, won’t it be lovely to return to the lovely taste of childhood? The taste of the food your grandmother used to cook for you when you were back from kindergarten. Home-cooked food it is then. Having the taste you crave so much for with dishes that are prepared in a state-of-art kitchen, using the freshest of ingredients, is the whole point of Tingkat deliveries.

Plan your meals without having to plan:

Busy. Busy. Busy. When the going gets tough, you are unlikely to have any time to think about what food to eat and where to get the food. With over 200 different dishes, ordering a Tingkat delivery beforehand can easily help provide you with your whole week’s fill of food. Well-fed and well-nourished, the tough get going.


More and more people are being mindful of their health these days. As most of us know, the issue with grabbing a quick meal after having to work late is that more often than not the restaurants have all closed and all that is left are the fast-food outlets. That is definitely not healthy in the long run. With Tingkat deliveries, the food provided is healthy with no MSG, less oil and salt.


That is cooking in a word. Effort. From buying the groceries to preparing them for the cooking process. Even if you have prepared a week’s worth of cooking for the family, it will still require you to come home and do the cooking on the day. The last thing anyone wants is to “work” after work. Having to cook after work can be tiring, but Tingkat deliveries might just be a solution to it, providing home-cooked food without any of the hassles.

There will always be that bugging feeling, the feeling of longing for that nostalgic taste, a taste of home.

At Kim Paradise, we provide Tingkat deliveries that will give you the right nutrition coupled with the heartwarming taste of home. To get started, order your Kim Paradise Tingkat Delivery today.

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