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Tingkat Delivery In Singapore: The Best Tingkat Meal Provider

In today’s hectic environment, the service of Tingkat food delivery in Singapore is something that most Singaporeans can rely on as it combines healthy home-cooked food with utter convenience. You don’t have to prepare the materials, do the cooking, and certainly no need to wash the dishes.

It’s akin to having someone deliver your grandmother’s delicious dishes to you every afternoon or evening so that you don’t have to be concerned about what to eat or where to eat. There’s no better feeling than being able to relax after a long day at work.

As the awareness surrounding healthy eating grows, there's a greater emphasis on consuming healthy foods and some Tingkat companies like Kim Paradise are following suit. They even curated a special menu for the health-conscious and are committed to providing you and your family with healthy foods.

Before we dive deeper into the world of Tingkat delivery, let’s look at the history surrounding Tingkat delivery services along with the best Tingkat delivery company in Singapore – Kim Paradise.

History of Tingkat Catering

Much like a buffet catering that involves ordering your dishes and getting them delivered to your house for any occasion, Tingkat catering adopts a similar service albeit with a smaller portion and more dishes.

It mirrors the Indian dabbawalla system, which is believed to have started in the late 19th century. The system allows deliverymen to bring home-cooked meals to the workers' workplace.

Since then, it has been adopted by many Asians, including in Singapore among which is Kim Paradise, whose founders saw it as an opportunity to provide healthy home-cooked meals for households that want a proper meal but don't have the luxury of hiring a helper.

Tingkat Delivery in Singapore by Kim Paradise

Established in 1999, Kim Paradise started from a shared kitchen in Joo Chiat, which went on to become one of the largest Tingkat delivery providers in Singapore. With a promise to deliver high-quality home-cooked meals to many Singaporeans, it’s no surprise that Kim Paradise has remained in the industry for over two decades.

Given that there are many Tingkat delivery providers in Singapore, it can be challenging to choose one that meets and fulfils your healthy eating needs. And if you’re reading this, chances are you need help or guidance in choosing the best Tingkat delivery in Singapore.

Ahead, we’re sharing with you some of the quality that you should look out for, to find out whether Tingkat delivery services in Singapore provide healthy meals for its customers.

Use of fresh ingredients

Much like when you’re preparing a meal for your family, you’ll want only the freshest ingredients for it. That’s because only the freshest of ingredients can bring out the exquisite taste of any meal.

At Kim Paradise, we hold true to our belief that “Good food comes from a Good heart with Great passion” and place great emphasis on our food quality and taste. You can rest assured that your healthy Tingkat meals are prepared using only the freshest ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers.

Freshness of cooking

One of the perks of cooking your meals at home is that you get to indulge in them as soon as it’s served on the table. As the saying goes, some foods are best served right off the stove. However, given the time constraint, you may not have time to even cook a meal.

That’s where Tingkat delivery services come in – to provide you with freshly cooked meals which remind you of your grandmother's superb cooking. At Kim Paradise, the meals are prepared and cooked daily to ensure its freshness. Also, stringent quality checks are conducted daily to maintain the highest standards.

Food packaging

Similar to receiving a package, Tingkat meals that are neatly packed reflects the service provider’s commitment to ensuring that the foods are safe for consumption. Depending on the Tingkat delivery provider, they may use tiffin carriers or plastic containers to store your dishes. Just be sure to examine your food packaging before you start eating.

Delivery arrangement

Like any other food deliveries, you’ll want to enjoy your meal at a designated time. Otherwise, you’ll have to look for an alternative to fill your empty stomach. That said, some Tingkat delivery service providers may offer you a time slot to choose from. This is so that they can arrange the delivery of your healthy Tingkat meal.

As one of the best Tingkat delivery companies in Singapore, Kim Paradise offers a variety of healthy Tingkat meals for you to choose from. Besides, we’ll deliver your meals right to your doorstep so that you don’t have to leave the house. Try our healthy Tingkat meals today by contacting us at 6255 1000 or email

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