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Why Your Work Lunch Should Be A Teamkat-Delivered Experience Instead

It's safe to say that the daily lunch break is something all Singaporeans look forward to. Work lunches are a great opportunity to bond with your teammates, fill your hungry stomach and take a well-deserved break from work. After all, what bonds Singaporeans more than sharing a meal at the same table?

However, in today's ever-busy society, the reality of lunch breaks is far from ideal as pictured above.

More often than not, our work lunches are either eating at an incredibly rushed pace at a restaurant, having it expensively delivered to your office or eating last night's leftovers alone at your desk.

At Kim Paradise, we believe your work lunches deserve better. That's why we've come up with Teamkat - a food-group lunch box delivery service that promises good food and good prices at your ultimate convenience!

Healthy Lunch Delivery Singapore Lets You Bond With Your Workmates

In our ever-busy society, the luxury of a relaxing & bond-building lunchtime with your colleagues is fading by the day.

We're either too busy with work, so we eat at our desk. If we decide to head out, there's the infamous lunch rush, where we attempt to travel in peak traffic, order our food among the peak restaurant crowd and rush to finish our food in time to rush back to the office!

With the Teamkat lunch box delivered to your office doorstep, you can take the traffic, the crowds and the rush out of the equation. Your lunch can be enjoyed in the office, where you take your leisure time to share and enjoy your food with your colleagues. That's where you can catch up about each other's lives, or just enjoy good company!

Teamkat Lunch Boxes Saves You Money In The Long Run

Take this time to figure out your lunch expenses. Think about the travel cost, cost of the actual lunch, and ultimately, the cost of your time!

Chances are, you could do more to save on the cost of your lunch. After all, saving more of your monthly budget is always a good thing!

With Teamkat, your lunch meal starts at $4.30 per pax. Compare that to travelling outside your office for lunch, or getting your average lunch delivered to you - it's definitely saving a chunk of your monthly expenses for you!

Enjoy The Ultimate Luxury Of Convenience With Teamkat

There's nothing more luxurious than having your meals served to your choosing.

Instead of undergoing the trouble of travelling out for lunch or the extra hassle of preparing food from home, why not take the affordable yet convenient option of having good, home-cooked food for your precious lunchtime meals?

With the Teamkat food group lunch box Singapore delivery, your food box is delivered to your office's doorstep in individual microwaveable containers with biodegradable cutlery. This also makes cleaning up easier - all you need to wash are your hands!

Be Spoiled For Choice With Teamkat

With over a decade's experience in Tingkat Delivery, Kim Paradise is dedicated to delivering scrumptious and nutritious dishes that taste truly the home-cooked flavours you love.

That same dedication also drives our Teamkat delivery. The standard is just the same - with more than 200 recipes and choices to choose from, you'll never be bored with the same dishes every day!

Don't Spend Another Lunch Hour In Traffic Or Alone

With over a decade's experience in Tingkat delivery, Kim Paradise is dedicated to delivering scrumptious and nutritious dishes that taste truly the home-cooked flavours you love.

Starting at $4.30 per pax, you can enjoy 3 dishes + 1 soup or a generous 4-dish spread. With great variety and equally great flavours, your lunch experience will be like no other with our Teamkat food group lunch box delivery. Order now at

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