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Is Your Healthy Lunch Really Healthy?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Eating healthy or “eating clean” has become a trend as more Singaporeans are showing concern about their health. But what does it mean to eat healthy? What kind of meals or foods are considered healthy? Are they as healthy as most people claim? How does one prepare a healthy meal due to time constraints?

If that sounds like a handful, don’t worry – we’re here to help you figure out how to eat healthy as part of Singapore’s busy white-collar workforce. As time constraint is inevitable, your go-to lunch will often be food deliveries. But are lunch deliveries a healthy option? The answer is yes! One example will be Kim Paradise, a weekday lunch-delivery service who ensures that the quality and standard of your lunch tastes great and is nutritiously balanced!’

What is healthy eating to Singaporeans?

The first thing that comes to the mind when Singaporeans think of healthy food is a salad. They’re commonly packed with plenty of greens, a side combination of protein and a suitable dressing. This why salads are commonly thought of as ideal for lunch if you are looking to have a balanced diet. It also helps that you will spend little time creating new salad recipes based on your preference (given that it’s tasty, of course).

Other than salads, steamed food can also be considered as healthy because you’ll not require cooking oil to cook the food. By steaming, you’ll retain the nutrients found in your chosen meat or vegetable. It also helps remove the fat contained in meat or fish which will lower their calorie and cholesterol levels.

Another way of healthy eating is by preparing your meal, also known as meal prep. By preparing your meals based on your diet or preference, you can be the one to decide what goes into your daily meal so that you can eat healthy during weekdays. Besides, you get to save time and money if you decide early on your menu!

The common obstacles to eating healthy in Singapore

Though it may seem easy to follow the principles of healthy eating, it can be difficult to be eating healthy consistently day in and day out. Healthy eating can be tasty and filling when you’re mentally prepared for all possible disruptions that could come your way. In Singapore, the idea of healthy eating can be tough when every corner is filled with delicious food that’s not even close to healthy! But, if you’re determined, this should not be an issue. Besides, allocating time to indulge in a healthy lunch will make you feel better throughout the day. Therefore, when it comes to choosing healthy food for your daily lunch, most will end up preparing or ordering salads from food catering services in Singapore. But beware, you’ll have to choose your salad dressings carefully as some of them may be high in calories. Mayonnaise or thousand island dressing are the main culprits of this. Therefore, equipping yourself with the basic knowledge of healthy eating will come in handy when prepping your meals. If you’re concerned about the time you need to allocate when preparing your meals, why not get your healthy lunch meals delivered from Kim Paradise?

Our weekly healthy lunch menu includes two dishes and one soup, each cooked to ensure a well balanced healthy diet. For Day 1, you will get Teochew Steamed Fish, Stir Fried Chicken with Cauliflower and Black Bean Soup. While for Day 2, you will get Japanese Style Chicken Chop, Beancurd and Chinese Spinach Soup. As for Day 3, it will be Steamed Fish with Red Dates, Fried Egg with Spinach and Black Chicken Soup. For Day 4, you will get Cordyceps Steamed Chicken, Cashew Nuts with French Bean and Peach Gum Soup. On Day 5, it will be Steamed Fish with Lemongrass, Stir Fried Broccoli with Seafood and Codonopsis Soup.

As you can see, our menu features a healthy menu of delicious food that nourishes your body. Besides, we deliver your packed meals right to your office’s doorstep. If you’re keen on eating healthy food for lunch, you can call us at (65) 6255 1000, send us a WhatsApp message at (65) 8129 3810 or email at

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